Session IVB

Session IVB, Monday, Dec. 7
Chair: Ron Weidberg

Gustav Djupsjöbacka (Sibelius Academy): There are several ways of putting it

Carola Finkel (Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt am Main): The metamorphoses of Svartsjukans nätter

Sanna Iitti: The Representation of Emotions in the songs Våren flyktar hastigt and Svarta rosor

Leah Broad (University of Oxford): Scaramouche, Scaramouche



Session IVA

Session IVA, Monday, Dec. 7
Chair: Lauri Suurpää

Jorma Daniel Lünenbürger: Jean Sibelius and the Cello

Tuija Wicklund (Jean Sibelius Works): Sibelius and Böcklin

Anna Pulkkis (Jean Sibelius Works): Sibelius’s Loulou Andantino – a Souvenir Composition with a Mystery

Timo Virtanen (Jean Sibelius Works): Sibelius’s Sketches for the Violin Concerto



Session IIIB

Session IIIB, Monday, Dec. 7
Chair: James Hepokoski

Kimmo Sarje (University of Helsinki): Sibelius and the Modern

Ron Weidberg (Open University of Israel): Sibelius and Schönberg

Daniel Grimley (University of Oxford): ’I sing another song’: Sibelius, Hofmannsthal and the Subjectivities of Jedermann

Ilkka Oramo (Sibelius Academy): Sibelius’s Eighth Symphony – fact and fiction



Session IIIA

Session IIIA, Monday, Dec. 7
Chair: Anna Pulkkis

Nors S. Josephson: Sibelius at the Crossroads: Old Paths Leading To New Creative Departures in His Second Symphony (1901–1902)

Sakari Ylivuori (Jean Sibelius Works): From a Bon vivant to a War Hero – The Narrative Structure of Sandels’
(Op. 28)

Lauri Suurpää (Sibelius Academy): Unconfirmed Pastoral and Denial of Threat in the Slow Movement of Sibelius’s First Symphony

Olli Väisälä (Sibelius Academy): Sibelius’s Revision of the First Movement of the Violin Concerto: Strengthening Tonal Structure while Removing Tonal Clichés