Arthaus Musik Releases Sibelius Box Set

Arthaus Musik Releases Sibelius Box Set

Posted on 3 Nov 2015

On the occasion of Jean Sibelius’ 150th birthday Arthaus Musik releases a unique edition, offering the live recordings of the composer’s seven symphonies by the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra in the new Helsinki Music Centre under the direction of Hannu Lintu on 5 DVD or 3 Blu-ray discs. Each symphony is preceded by a documentary and an introduction, giving a new and modern perspective to the legendary Finnish composer and his symphonies.

With his seven symphonies Jean Sibelius marks a high point in the symphonic repertoire of the 20th century. The music evokes the ghostliness of the Finnish landscape, carries an inner strength and depth and proves itself full of technical finesse that still poses a challenge for both conductors and performers. For Sibelius “a symphony is not a ‘composition’ in the ordinary sense. Rather, it is a declaration of faith at different stages of one’s life.”

Special Features:

This edition includes introductions for each symphony. These documentary sections of the programs, hosted and narrated by Hannu Lintu, the conductor of the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra, can also been seen in an hourlong separate program.

Sort of Sibelius! gives you a different perspective on Sibelius. The focus is not on the music, but on the person. The genre is fictional short documentary, with both acted drama and animation tricks. The commentator is Kaija Saariaho, a composer herself. Other interviewees are experts from various fields of life; a doctor, a couples therapist, a wine connoisseur and a wilderness guide to name a few. Sibelius left various diaries, letters, notes and receipts behind. They paint a picture of a merry and interesting personality. How accurate this impression is remains a mystery.

A detailed book about Sibelius’ life and work.